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Storyball is an audio console, a robust Bluetooth speaker and importantly a child’s companion - think Alexa for children. Through motion recognition of over 100 gestures, Storyball is an audio gaming console that enables a fully immersive experience.

“Storyball’s intelligent sensory technology can identify over 100 different gestures and movements from a child. It guides play through audio, haptic and light cues to signal what to do next, making Storyball adventures a truly immersive experience. This allows Storyball to sound the alarm if a child gets caught by a “bad guy,” vibrate if they haven’t jumped high enough over an imaginary fence, or flash red and orange when there’s a fire ahead. Using A.I. machine learning, Storyball detects the habits, behaviours, skills, likes and dislikes of the child to improve the game, quiz or story they’re playing.”