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Finally, a way to learn Chess—the world's greatest game—quickly, excitingly and without stress! The secret? An innovative deck of action cards. Each card depicts a chess piece and how it moves. You can only move this piece on your turn. This eliminates the need to memorize all the chess pieces and their moves in advance. After a few turns you'll instinctively know how to move and capture with your knights, bishops, rooks, pawns, king and queen!

The gameboard is two-sided. The first side shows where to place your pieces to start the game (no guesswork, no stress!). The second side is a standard chess board. Once you become comfortable with the moves and powers of each chess piece, flip the board over, put the deck aside and play chess unaided!

There are also variations using the cards that even experienced chess players will find exciting. A perfect change of pace from the "serious" game.