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The ruling house of the empire is in decline and in their weakness an opportunity presents itself. The throne is within the grasp of any rival faction bold and cunning enough to grab power for themselves. In this nuanced conflict where diplomacy cuts just as sharply as the weapons of your army, be aware that neither cut as deep as the assassin’s blade. You must be aware that there are wheels within wheels, and not all of your rivals’ machinations are within your view.

Imperius, from acclaimed designer Grant Rodiek, puts you in charge of one of the rival factions trying to seize control of the throne of Imperius. Use clever drafting, secret information, special faction abilities, and varied planet effects to give yourself the edge. You must be able to adapt to take advantage of your position when it is strong and thwart your enemies when they appear to have the upperhand.

2-4 players, ages 14+