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At Christmas time a lot of snow fell in Miradero. Everything is wrapped in wintery white. Father Jim and his wife Kate take their newest family member, baby Polly, on a family tour through the wonderful winter wonderland. Jim has specially hitched the sleigh for it.Everyone becomes cheerful as they takes turns on the sleigh ride.Baby Polly lies warmly wrapped up in Mama Kate's arms and gurgles happily. What a wonderful Miradero Christmas! The play set contains Mama Kate and Father Jim in winter outfits with caps and baby Polly, as well as a horse, sleigh, and a basket with a thermos, jug, and cup.

Figures: 1 Kate, 1 Jim, 1 Baby Polly Animals: 1 horse Accessories: 1 winter sledge, 1 collar, 1 whip, 2 cups, 1 thermos, 1 basket, 2 winter caps, 1 pair of arm cuffs, 1 pair of winter gloves, 1 collar

Ages 4+