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Lots of Crazy, Quirky Puppets to Make! Let's make sock puppets! Scrounge around your room and dig out all your single socks -- it's time to get creative. Easy-to-Make Sock Puppets is full of clever and quirky ideas to transform your mismatched socks into colorful characters. Then, set the stage and act out your favorite story!

This Sock Puppet Kit Includes:

- 1 Instruction Book
- 3 Socks in assorted patterns
- 3 Cardboard Disks
- 2 Skiens of craft yarn
- 3 Felt Squares
- 4 EVA Foam Squares
- 15 Gemstones in assorted colors and sizes
- 12 Google Eyes
- 12 Pipe cleaners in assorted colors
- 8 Pom-Poms in assorted colors and sizes
- 1 White Glue