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Toolkit Includes:
Protective glasses
Soldering Iron - Designed slim for easy manipulation. Easy and convenient to use with any USB port. Plug it into your computer, a power bank, or any USB interface.
-Reaches top heat in less than 15 seconds
-Cools down in less than 30 seconds
-Long life tip with an additional protective cap
-Powered by USB 5V Power: 8W
Soldering Iron stand - An easy place to rest your soldering iron when not in use.
Solder wire - LEAD-FREE soldering wire that you will use to make your connections.
Filing tool - For making adjustments on the PCB - increase hole sizes or file down connections.
Tweezers - Exactly what you will need to pull each piece of the PCB from the base and to separate pieces from each other.
Pliers - Now you’ll be able to fine-tune your creations with extreme detail, no matter how delicate the pieces you are working with are.
Soldering iron tip cleaner - With this brass wire cleaner, you won’t need any water to clean your soldering iron tip.