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Can you bounce 2 balls into 2 cups at the same time using only one hand? How about racing to stack a pyramid of cups using your elbows with your eyes closed?

Age means nothing in this addictively fun party game—challenges have been designed to level the playing field between the young, old, fit and frail, so it's the perfect game for families. Just don't be surprised if your great aunt Erma or kid sister takes you to the cleaners!

SOLO: Players attempt the challenge on their own
BATTLE ROYALE: Players all compete against each other
BUDDY UP: Players work cooperatively with a partner
DUEL: Players compete head-to-head against an opponent

Beat That! takes just 2 minutes to learn. A typical game lasts around 40 minutes, however, with 160 challenge cards in total, you and your friends could battle it out until the sun comes up.

2-8 players, ages 9+