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MINDJOB is an adult party game, a swearing game, and for those who dare, a drinking game that f#&ks with your mind using a tricky combination of profanity and psychology. Laced with provocative innuendo, you will laugh at your friends, swear like a sailor and revel in the mistakes of others. Just don’t forget the golden rule -- you can never say “f***”. Want to kick it up a notch? Throw in some optional NSFW and drinking rules and let the party escalate!

How it works: In rapid-fire succession, players take turns flipping over the top card in their hand and placing it face up in the middle of the table. As soon as the card is revealed, the player must read the word on the card, identify the colour of the card, or shout out a swear word as fast as possible. If they say the correct response, the card stays on the table and the next player goes. If they hesitate or get it wrong, they have to pick up all the cards. The first player to get rid of their hand wins. Level of difficulty, hilarity and ridiculousness can be modified by adding any of the optional NSFW or drinking rule cards.

2-8 players, ages 18+