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Meet the future of home organization! Y'see, Stingrays have eyes on the top side and a mouth on their undercarriage, so they can't see what they're eating, kind of like a midnight snack when your refrigerator's light burns out, but for every meal! To make it a bit less of a pure game of chance, Stingrays developed sensors that can detect the electrical charges of their prey! That's shockingly cool!Does this mean a Stingray might be of use finding your remote buried somewhere deep within the crevices of your sofa? A very strong maybe! Might a Stingray use its electro-detector apparatus to discover your cell phone amidst a pile of laundry? Theoretically!Though this Squishable Stingray is better for hugs and snurfles than electromagnetic surveying (which, to be very clear, it cannot do in any way, shape, or form), who's to say what we'll think of next? I believe in us!