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Unlimited Bubbles – Do you love popping bubble wrap or pressing buttons? Press the bubble buttons for a slight pop, flip it over and do it again! Endless fun for all ages!

Sensory Satisfaction – Keep sensory seeking kids and adults satisfied with this bubble pop fidget toy. Fantastic for kids with ADD/ADHD, Autism, OCD, or people with high anxiety. Great for keeping busy hands occupied.

Stress Relief – Feeling stressed or anxious? Keep calm and push bubbles! Healthy distraction to relieve stress at school, work, or anywhere you feel overwhelmed.

Washable and Flexible – Silicone material is non-stick so any mess can be easily washed off. Flexibility of silicone means no more worrying about dropping, bending, or breaking.

Fun Games – Try taking turns popping bubbles in a row, but don’t be the last one to pop! Or invent your own game. The possibilities are endless!

Handheld and Portable – the Pop Bubble Push Bubble is 5 inches in diameter. Small and lightweight makes it a great toy for car rides. Also fits easily in a small bag, purse, or backpack. Take it anywhere!